Eat Local Week

Eat Local Week (ELW) is a statewide program that celebrates the regional harvest season by promoting local agriculture and food artisans, honoring the preservation of Utah’s agricultural heritage, and empowering the community to make conscious food choices. Eat Local Week aims to bring our community together through a series of educational activities and events focused on local food resources, agriculture and food production, environmental impact, and sustainable food practices.


  • Educate our community about resources for eating locally grown, raised, and produced food
  • Develop a greater statewide awareness around sustainable food production, positive environmental impact, and responsible food consumption
  • Support and popularize local food artisans and purveyors
  • Motivate participants to make long-term actionable change in support of our mission

Utah’s Eat Local Challenge started in 2007 when Salt Lakers Andrea and Michael Heidinger wondered if they could feed themselves solely on food produced within 250 miles of their home in the Salt Lake Valley. Catalyst Magazine profiled this effort in a June 2007 article. Slow Food Utah was an enthusiastic supporter of their explorations as Andrea and Michael invited others to join them.They hosted potlucks and food quests in the region to seek out local foods. And they managed to eat local and eat well. The tradition has continued annually, with others stepping forward to help organize the events.

This year the Eat Local Challenge will take place September 12 – 19, 2015 


The Challenge is simple, eat as local as you can. The standard challenge is only eating food that comes from within a 250 mile radius. Not ready for that? Come up with a challenge that works for you! Choose a couple of food groups to get locally and stay true to them. Be creative, challenge yourself, and have fun!

Take the Local Pledge, attend events, and get involved by checking out the Utah Eat Local Week Website.

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All of these events are made possible by:



And with the help of our community:

Harmon’s  –  Real Food Rising – Caputo’s – Catalyst Magazine – Cotapaxi – SLC Corp – SL County