General Volunteer Opportunities

Suggestions for ways you can become involved with
Slow Food Utah, and who to contact:

Membership Meetings

Participate in the Slow Food Utah “Annual Membership Meeting, usually held in November. Highlights from the year will be shared, and members vote and affirm current and new group leadership positions. Look for the meeting announcement in the monthly newsletter, or email the Slow Food Utah Leader for more information.

Slow Food Utah Events

Assist with organizing and volunteering for upcoming events, such as “Chef – Producer Mingle,” “Feast of Five Senses,” “Slow Food in Schools,” and “Thank Your Maker” events, among others.
Check the Slow Food Utah Community Events and Happenings listings for our events.

Email the Slow Food Utah Leader for more information and to volunteer.

Tabling and Outreach

Slow Food Utah members and volunteers represent our organization at events such as the Downtown Farmers Market and other public events. This is a great way to learn more about Slow Food so you can share it with interested people in the community, to meet other members and future members alike. Calls for volunteers will be listed in the monthly newsletter.

You Choose / Suggest

These are but a very few of the ways that people can become involved in Slow Food.  Really, each of us makes choices every day.  It is our choices, how we think about our food and what we do regarding our food that is the most concrete, simple and effective way to become involved in Slow Food.  Notice the use of the word “Convivia” and “Convivium” which are both rooted in “Convivial” which speaks in part to the notion that we can’t do it alone.  So, if you want to get together and interact with other like-minded people, please let us know.  We will get you connected.

If you have additional ideas, or would like to become more involved in Slow Food Utah in any way, please email either the Slow Food Utah Leader or, if it is website related, the Slow Food Utah Webmaster.

Slow Food Utah is a membership driven, volunteer-run, 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.
Your involvement makes all the difference!